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Swim Set #1

Warm Up :

200m Front crawl

6x100m alternating 100m front crawl, 100m back stroke, 100m IM (off approx 2 mins)

Water Polo Drills
4x50m – 25m head up crawl, 25m head up back stroke. 25m tread water wrists out, 25m head up front craw! as if had the ball (i.e. short strokes with high elbows, fast rate of arms). (Go on approx 1/1.5 mins)
3x5Om frontcrawl kick with a board 80% effort (1.30mins) 2x50m — 25m 3 strokes front crawl, 3 strokes back stroke. 25m breast stroke legs, front crawl arms (do approx 2 stroke to every’ 1 leg kick). When get to flags jump to touch them with left, right the both hands (leave enough gap between swimmers to allow for this), Go on approx 1/1.5 mins.

3x50m — head up front crawl, 5 strokes forward, 3 strokes going back on yourself. Concentrate about turning yourself around, tuck up your legs and start with a big breast kick to get you going in the other direction (dunno if that just made sense lol). Go on approx 1/1.5mins
Grab a ball out of the cupboard (code 635, don’t bother if the lock is stuck, just do it without a ball)
4x50m — 25m easy pace swimming with the ball, 25m sprint keeping ball in front of you concentrate on short strokes with high elbows, fast rate of arms). Go on approx 1.5/2mins to give you chance to recover.
(approx 35 mins session gone)
Treading Water

15 sec normal treading water, pick up ball (have nearby so not wasting too much time), 15sec hold ball out in front of you with both hands, without the ball touching the water, 15 sec ball above your head, 15sec ball out in front again. Repeat this 3 times, use the ‘normal’ trading water to recover. (approx 40 mins of session gone)

Swim Down

100m front crawl normal pace, 50m front crawl easy pace, 50m backstroke, 50m choice easy pace.

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