Meet our 2018/19 Committee members!

Sam Wilmshurst
Alex Wilmshurst
70827430_394763221420697_1620160723176914944_n 70954829_542927479809779_6378486369722826752_n
Mary Perkins
Fixtures Sec
Sam Dalton
71385387_2522379831154676_5416289016813191168_n 71298022_495194214397601_6900429190877675520_n
Men’s First Team Captain
Tom Bragg
Ladies’ First Team Captain
Emma Critchley
71242054_477655006425374_7280203492113776640_n 71222367_1253317084851292_4334692625341743104_n
Men’s Vice-Captian
Will Sparrow
Ladies’ Vice-Captain
Megan Morecroft
71914138_509558776526624_9033451202955706368_n 70926504_496574070893092_4266744013630996480_n
Events and Social Sec
Charlotte Davis
Tour and Social Sec
Sam Pina
70874455_684499582035855_2961586976605601792_n 70893091_713933875791716_2444535513315540992_n


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