Meet our 2020/21 Committee members!

Sam Pina
Vice President
Charlotte Davis
PNG image-05830667E686-1 PNG image-224769BE6CC2-1
Mary Perkins
Fixtures Sec
Sam Wilmshurst
523AA8C5-8F3B-49D1-B6D7-7147D9502493 0664F1DB-8D01-440B-8497-270288A2A8E6
Ladies’ First Team Captain
Ellie Nuttall
Men’s First Team Captain
Sam Dalton
2070C839-A02C-4FCE-B201-69CFFB632885 563E4401-8ECC-4350-B0D4-04A5B9731D06
Kit Sec
Rhia Perks
Freshers’ Sec
Dan Heilpern
A8CAC945-99C7-49CF-A937-7FE9EB051DC8 D18E0C3C-C59A-4720-B4A7-957621E2E148
Social Sec
Adele Potts
Social Sec
James Dighton
EDFD39F7-EA2E-498C-861E-349514FF392A 4A39C8E0-F0F5-418D-A965-65A4BBFDC50D


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