Captain Katie rules the pool

Report Authors: Antonia Neild & Katie Magill Game: SUWPC Women’s 1s vs KCL Location: Jubilee Sports Centre Score: 7-11 Date: 10/11/2021 SUPWC women’s team return to the pool for their first home match of the season against King’s College team. Despite the late start to the match the girls played an excellent game against a very strong team. We are extremely proud of the team, considering the circumstances we played … Continue reading Captain Katie rules the pool

Thank UWE very much

Report Author: Alex Wilmshurst Game: SUWPC Men’s 1s vs UWE Men’s Location: Jubilee Sports Centre Score: 30-4 Date: 3/11/2021 Upon the eve of Wednesday the 3rd of November, the gentlemen of SUWPC welcomed the University of West England’s men’s water polo to Jubilee Sports Centre. A fixture that, in the past, had often been dreaded by the biggest of all boys. However, upon inspection of UWE’s previous results, there was a … Continue reading Thank UWE very much

Back in Business

By Miro Milanov The first game for SUWPC against Gloucestershire was supposed to happen on the 20th of October. A few hours before the event the boys received a peculiar message from Jubilee officials stating that a large amount of chlorine had been release into the pool. Investigations are still ongoing about whether or not the sabotage could’ve been caused by Gloucestershire out of shear … Continue reading Back in Business

An Intra-club Affair

Report Author: Rhia Perks Game: Intra-Club Training Match Score: Who knows Date: 02/06/2021 On Sunday 30th May, all the girls and guys of SUWPC prepared themselves for a much-anticipated intra-club training match. Excitement was high, nerves were rife. We’d been training for it for a whole week. And then Sport and Wellbeing closed the pool without telling us. On Wednesday 2nd June, we tried again … Continue reading An Intra-club Affair