Ladies’ 2nds vs Weymouth/Portland 05/05/2013

The ladies’ 2nds managed to pull together a team with only 2 of our second ladies (well done for making it girls!). The commotion of the bank holiday and exams brought meant the team was opened up to the lovely firsts. Finally looking like a team, in our lovely new costumes, we were ready for the match.

Winning 3 of the 4 swim offs, the two Katies showed our go-faster costumes were proving to serve us well, despite the team being constantly wedgified! We took a while to get into the swing of things as usual, and were behind in the first half, but we were managing to cling on. With fighting spirit we brought it back in the last 2 quarters. Near the end of the game we just managed to hold the ball long enough to hold off and win! With the team sticking tightly to those they were defending and with some super saves from Liane the final score ended 9-8 to us!!!!! Well done ladies for winning, as we were defeated previously at home. They didn’t get off so lightly this time!

No one got wrapped – unlike the Big 7! And a special congratulations has to go to Rhiannon for finally playing her first match with no majors – she was so happy!

Thanks to the Big 7 for their support – much appreciated.
This was the best game of the year and the last ever for some on the team (Ali, Lucy, Eloise and Katie) and what a way to end – buzzing I think is the word that sprang to mind! A close but a well -deserved win well done everyone!

4- Katie Lightowler
2- Vicky Gall
2- Eloise Henderson
1 – Katie Owen

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