Bath Firsts in Hot Water!

By Anton Stephan 12.12.2015

Humbled by their previous defeat, the Bath squad nervously entered our home territory and were shocked to see our full squad up and ready for round two; unlike round one where our eight players had to rely on their remarkable fitness to taste the glory! However, it can be said that our biggest boys were not on a high after being thoroughly offended by Bath’s initial refusal to play in our stunning sports facilities!

With a blow of the whistle the game was away and, despite an obvious display of Bath’s swimming ability, we soon retook possession and our current captain put the first goal away. With some excellent defence from Southampton and despite Charlie’s keen other half deciding to get himself sent out, the home boys finished the first quarter 3-0 up with Anton redeeming himself with two extra goals on the board.

 Fueled by our confidence in the previous quarter, Neil stepped down from his prime sprinting position and Divall stepped up to the challenge. The second quarter began and So’ton won the ball with the Lobster proving that he can swim as well as he can walk. With the ball in home hands and with Charlie bagging another goal, the quarter was going well with Jason Derulo using his skills to ♫wiggle, wiggle, wiggle♫ his way to victory. However, with Bath keen to retain some dignity, they managed to find the net past Andrea to end the first half with So’ton in the lead with a score of 5-1. It is safe to say that tensions were running high with one of our rival players deciding to give Dennis what can only be described as a bear hug, preventing him from executing the counter. However, this atrocity managed to escape the gaze of our refs! They did on the other hand pick up on Anton’s tactically accidental attempt to drown Bath’s top shooter giving him a second major (sorry about that mate)!

 With the first half going our way, Tim took up the infamous red hat and despite losing the swim off, the biggest boys were pumped for the third stage of the game. Andrea unleashed his wrath but unfortunately on an opposing player rather than the net with an early major in the second half. Despite two more goals from Charlie and an absolute rocket from Divall, complacency was getting the better of us with some lousy defence resulting in the home boys conceding two goals. However, does it matter? So’ton firsts finished the third quarter 8-3 up and with victory seeming that it could only go one way, Timye remained in goal.

With another narrow loss on the swim off, So’tons defence stuck tight and despite letting in two goals, the boys were not too concerned; well, that’s the case for nine out of ten of our players with our very own Super Keen deciding that this was the very moment to commit his third and final major leading to him being banished to the stands. Still, heads were held high and with less than a minute to go, Dennis gave the Bathers a piece of Dutch magic for good measure. As the clock ticked down to zero, the game ended with another victory of 9-5 to Southampton.

 With the final game of the season won, SUWPCs boys and girls could end the term on a high! Thanks to all those helping and supporting, have a lovely Christmas and a wild new year! See you all in 2016!!



Charlie 4

Anton    2

Jason     1

Divall     1

Dennis   1



Anton    3

Dennis   1

Jason     1

Kevin     1

Andrea  1

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