Ladies 1st BUCS Away Tournament

Surrey 9-4

UCL 10-7


First to arrive at the pool (even before surrey) we got ready for our 6’oclock game. Waiting on the side for the other teams to appear we were told that after a timetable change, SUWPC ladies had their first game starting at 7:40….. Fantastic communication there from all people on that account, particular shout out to Conal Groves.  But NO FEAR, Lighty was there to save the day. With her words of persuasion that have got us out of many a trouble before (think back to Salou 2015 where she managed to save us from about £1000 worth of fines when Akbar broke the glass panel, naughty) she managed to change the whole match timetable meaning we had the first game.


Our first game was against Surrey with the final score 9-4 to them. Our second game was against UCL with the final score 10-7.


Shit badge managed to smash goalie, saving so many goals. Massive well done to her!!


Sarah, Hana and Caitlin managed to leave the hats and balls at Surrey sports park, with DON LOZ picked up the morning after. They all ate their Xmas dinner with plastic spoons and cocktail sticks, so all is now forgiven.


Thanks to all the supporters including Caitlins Family, Shit badges mum, my parents, Holly and DON LOZ, and most importantly a surprise appearance from VK herself. It was so nice to play knowing we had so much support on the side line.


Sorry for the very late and very short report, I can’t really remember anything from it…. Ooooops! Lol, Polo love ❤

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