Soton 2’s Vs Gloucester

Onto game 2 of our marathon 3 game week. Polo is not just a sport, it’s a massive hindrance to any evening plans any of us might have had.

Gloucester this time were our opponents. Thankfully this was another home game so no need to travel any real distance. Gloucester were topping the UPolo league so I can’t say I was particularly relishing the prospect of facing them. Thankfully, the biggest boys rose to the occasion and turned out in good numbers, with 11 men mustered to face Gloucester’s 8. Our very own first team captain tried to muscle in on the action, but having vociferously complained in the past about other teams playing their firsts captain against us, it was decided it would be best if he stayed on the bench in a coaching capacity.

As has been a very pleasing theme lately, we started very strongly, not allowing Gloucester to settle and causing havoc with a full press. Gloucester had in their defence brought some very inexperienced players with them, but as Herbert Spencer once remarked, “survival of the fittest”, and in the second team we of course are the fittest. 4 goals were worked in without reply, including a terrific goal from Conal who dummied the keeper no less than twice before calmly placing the goal into the net. The others goals being another Conal goal, an absolute screamer from myself, and one from BKS.

Quarter 2 saw us let up on the intensity a bit and Gloucester punished us for it. Lawrence did his best but Gloucester did us for 3 goals, with only a consolatory reply from BK. Still, we were winning at half time for the second game in a row.

The third quarter saw few goals, with one scored apiece. Conal continued his playmaking role with a pretty tidy lobbed pass for myself to guide home. Both goalkeepers did well this quarter with some good saves from both. We were taking a two goal lead into the last quarter, all we needed to do was hold out for eight more minutes.

This is the point of the report where I start writing about how it all went wrong and how unlucky we were? Well this ain’t that kind of report. Gloucester were shattered and we took full, unadulterated liberties. Conal completed his hat-trick, as did BKS. Perry finally grabbed a goal to leave it 9-4 to us at full time.

This was a really good match. We’re getting much better at watching the man at the back not getting a break on us, as well as moving around as a team to make sure we’ve all got a man while defending. In attack everyone is getting much more comfortable with the ball, as well as feeling comfortable taking shots. We’re not there yet, but keep training and playing and the improvements will start to show through faster and faster. Thanks table as well!


Conal 3

Me 2

Perry 1


MAJORS (I’m not really sure why I do this section but these are the only stats I get so dammit they’re going in)

Taylor-Rose 2

Christian 1

Perry 1

Me 1



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