A round up of the SUWP group stages!

The SUWP group stages are now complete and both the mens and womens 1st teams have made it through to the play offs for the trophy competition!

After the mens team suffered the disappointment of losing narrowly to Plymouth on Wednesday it was thought that the SUWP journey was over as the team will finish 2nd in the group. Similarly, having previously lost to Bath last Sunday the girls team also thought that they would be out of the competition.

The format of the competition had not however been fully understood. The top 2 teams from each group (8 teams) are to have play offs that will decide who will  claim the four places available for the tournament when the ultimate winner will be found on 3rd December. So… both teams must play away next week to secure their fate!

  • The Mens team are to play away against Bath on Friday 25th November
  • The Womens team will play away against Bristol, date tbc

For more information, please check the SUWP website. A link is provided on the side of this page.

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