Men’s 2nds vs Basingstoke 26/05/2013

As 9 men of SUWPC set out on one final voyage to the warm waters of the Basingstoke Aquadrome, spirits were high, despite missing our captain and top goal scorer Andrew Deans.

Scholes’ Renault proved itself as more than just a machine by lugging Horlock, Heerema, Panos, and a hefty Lefty, up the M3. Ben’s car unfortunately needed the space for booze or a precious sandwich or something.

The game began slowly, after a warm up which consisted of slapping ourselves and each other, after Panos quoted that was all you needed to do to get warmed up. The first quarter was fairly even… with no shot clocks, the game was slow and finished 2-2.

After a particularly uninspired speech from the new captain, followed up quickly by some useful points from Panos and some noises from Lefty, we re-entered the pool for the second quarter. Again things were fairly even, a few pleasantries were exchanged between Gavlar and a Walrus of a man, don’t hate the player, hate the game he told him. The boys began to try to sub out more than we could afford with exam level fitness taking its toll, despite all of us being directly descended from Hercules himself! The quarter finished 5-3 to Basingstoke with Panos being broken by too many 1 on 1 situations.

The 3rd quarter saw an excellent comeback bringing us back to 7-6 to Southampton, with goals from Paul “the sea serpent” Heerema and Olly Cripps rising out of the water in an unprecedented display of physical prowess/luck.

The 4th saw three more goals as the team got a grip of the break away players and Lefty made some more insignificant contributions. To be completely honest I have no idea whether any of the quarters ended with the scorelines above and I don’t really know what the final score was but we won, and as Churchill once said: “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it”. Basingstoke were worthy opponents and we look forward to playing them again.

A trip to the golden arches allowed us to reflect on what has been an excellent season for the SUWPC Men’s Second team. We ate in at the ‘Restaurant’ as Scholes would call it.

7 – Lefty
2 – Olly
1 – Heerema

2 – Horlock
1 – Scholes
1 – Alish
1 – Gavlar
1 – Lefty

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