Report Author: Dan Ammon Game: Southampton Men vs Basingstoke Location: Basingstoke Aquadrome Score: 8-15 Date: 28/02/23 On the eve of the 1st of March, Soton’s biggest boys made a trek to Basingstoke to face their Hampshire league team. Arriving half an hour early, El Capitan had more than enough time to deliver an inspiring speech and game plan to the lads before we got into the pool. After warming up … Continue reading Basing-Stoked


Report Author: Lottie Ratledge Game: Southampton Women vs Plymouth Location: Plymouth Life Centre Score: 4-14 Date: 26/02/23 Here at last! Southampton’s women’s final water polo match of the season (unbeknownst to them at the time) against Plymouth University in the National Trophy quarter-final! Tired from a match the day before but excited the upcoming game, the girls met on campus to being the long 3 … Continue reading Ply-Mouthy

Lon-Done with Imperial College

Report Author: Antonia Neild Game: Southampton Women vs Imperial college London Location: Ethos sports centre Score: 13-6 Date: 25/2/23 The time was 1:12pm. The SUWPC girls were set to be meeting at 1.30pm for their journey into London. One sad goalkeeper was sat in her car, trying to turn it on after running the battery dead. All she wanted to do was eat her Subway. After a sorry attempt to … Continue reading Lon-Done with Imperial College

Queen Bees vs Queen Mary’s

Report Author: Rhia Perks Game: Southampton Women vs Queen Mary (Barts) Location: Poplar Baths (Away) Score: 12-1 Date: 23/2/23 On a random Thursday, SUWPC took both teams to London for a rematch against Barts. After both teams successfully crushed them at home, hopes were high for déjà vu in the away match. Hope was crushed when we saw their tiny, shallow pool – which for … Continue reading Queen Bees vs Queen Mary’s

Royal Flush

Report Author: Matt Smith Game: Southampton Men vs Queen Mary (Barts) Location: Poplar Baths (Away) Score: 7-4 Date: 23/2/23 On a cold Thursday afternoon, the team embarked on the trek up to London for the game against Queen Mary’s College London (Barts). Despite missing some key players, the atmosphere was good with a sense of quiet confidence after the previous meeting ended in an 11-3 … Continue reading Royal Flush