A Poor(tsmouth) Performance

Report Author: Finn Thomas Game: Southampton Men vs Portsmouth Location: Jubilee Sports Centre Score: 3-15 Date: 23/11/22 The latest chapter in the tale of Southampton’s Biggest Boys saw them come face to face with some even bigger boys in the shape of Pompey’s Men’s team. After a quick warm up we were underway with Finn winning the swim-off setting off a very tight opening quarter. … Continue reading A Poor(tsmouth) Performance

We LoSE This Time

Report Author: Daniel Ammon Game: Southampton Men vs LSE Location: Jubilee Sports Centre Score: 12-15 Date: 9/11/22 Almost half an hour early, Southampton’s biggest boys were poolside, warming up and preparing for an intense match against LSE (who took their time to arrive). The first quarter began with Finn winning the swim-off and a near-miss shot by Nathan. The first goal, however, is made by … Continue reading We LoSE This Time

Impressive Against Imperial

Report Author Rosie Ramshaw Game: Southampton Women vs Imperial College London Location: Jubilee Sports Centre Score: 11-3 Date: 16/11/22 Stood by reception at Jubilee, nerves were running high as Soton Women gawked at Imperial’s apparent lack of silly freshers. However, our shortage of caps, cozzies and calm on arrival simply kickstarted the adrenaline rush we’d need to ignore their serious game faces and put on … Continue reading Impressive Against Imperial

TOWIE – The Outstanding Win in Essex

Report Author: Alex Wilmshurst Game: Southampton Men vs Essex Men Location: Colchester Leisure World Score: 24-3 Date: 05/11/22 On a wet and windy Saturday on Bonfire Night, 12 of SUWPCs biggest boys and 4 loyal supporters piled themselves into two luxury, but tiresome to collect and return, minibuses to make the longest trip of their season – the 300 mile round trip to play Essex. This was the first time … Continue reading TOWIE – The Outstanding Win in Essex

It’s too Late to Say Surrey

Report Author: Michael Scott Game: Southampton Men vs Surrey Men Location: Jubilee Sports Centre Score: 10-12 Date: 26/10/22 A not so long time ago, SUWPC came third in the BUCS Men’s Western Tier 1 League. So they switched to the South Eastern Tier 1 League and have their sites squarely on 1st Place (duh!). It’s going to be a busy year in this league with … Continue reading It’s too Late to Say Surrey