Ladies 1st vs Bath

On Friday 16th some of SUWPCs finest ladies headed to the beautiful city of Bath for the first match of the entire season! Full of nerves and excitement we boarded the mini bus with the newly qualified mini bus driver SHIT BADGE.

The drive to Bath could only be described as eventful, starting with the Sat Nav trying to take us round and round in circles on the M27 and shit badge having a few near misses including nearly knocking over a cyclist and scraping a few cars.

When we arrived at the COOLEST SPORTS CENTRE IN THE WORLD, we walked through the door only to be greeted by some Olympic rings. Now most people would find this intimidating, but not the Biggest Girls! We walked down the stairs and through some amazing glass magic doors and headed to get changed.

Ready for action we started to warm up, before we had even got the balls in we we’re informed we had a few minutes until the game had to start. The first quarter seemed to fly by with the bath girls getting three shots past the fabulous new ninja goal keeper Yas. Unfortunately they quickly gained the lead as we had had so little warm up time.

The second and third quarter we’re played beautifully, every single person playing some fabulous polo. Jo shot an amazing goal meaning our second quarter was 1-1 and third 1-0.

Unfortunately in the final quarter, the speedy swimmers of Bath started to break meaning they managed to sneak in 4 more goals meaning the final score was 9-1. We played some seriously great polo and had a fab first match!! Well done to everyone who played!

Shout out to Halleys Parents who came to watch and also to shit badges boyf who goes to Bath uni and still supported us, legend!!

On the way back we stopped at McDons, now this mcdons didn’t really get the whole FAST FOOD thing, as most of us had to wait what seems like a lifetime for food. Shemani decided to take her rubbish back on the coach with her, she claims it was ‘food’. After the refeed we headed back to sunny Southampton.

Congratulations to all the girls as our team photo has managed to basically go Viral on facebook with around 70 likes, we are actually the biggest girls!!

Gorgeous Goal Scorers


Naughty Majors

Me – 2

Shemani  – 1

Jo – 1

Alex – 1

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