Southampton Ladies Exhilarating Experience with Exeter

On Sunday 25th, the lovely ladies of Exeter made a trip to sunny Southampton to play both our 1st and 2nd teams.

The first match was the first of the season for the 2nd team and lots of girls were definitely feeling the nerves. After little reassurance and a quick team talk the squad of 12 were ready for action.

The first quarter started, Hana (TJ) swam a speedy swim off and the game began. With lots of hard work and some excellent arc work the first quarter ended with Exeter 3-0 up.

After a quick two minute talk at the side with Yas and Coach me the second quarter started. This quarter, all the girls performed brilliantly. With some amazing defending from Caitlyn (Syncro) and an amazing sprint with the ball from Cara all the girls were on top form! When an Exeter player got sent out we took full advantage and Hana scored a beautiful goal meaning the second quarter was a 1-1 draw.

Goalie Alex made some incredible saves throughout the game and I think on behalf of all the old gals (Blind and Catherine) they are very happy to have such fab new girls to join the 2nd team. The 3rd and 4th quarter saw many shots at goal which were unfortunately saved by the Zimbabwe National and first team player that managed to sneak into goal. This left the final score 8-1 to Exeter.

As this was the first match of the season I was ridiculously proud. Every single girl showed so many skills and amazing potential to be fabulous polo players. Cannot wait for a few more weeks of training and then we’ll be ready for the next match.

Well done to everyone and I hope you had the best time!!

Gorgeous Goal Scorers:

Hana – 1


At 9o’clock it was time for the 1st team match, with a last minute step in from Lily (THANKYOU) a team of 10 assembled. Shout out to Shemani I hope you are feeling better!! We started the game, a little worried with the knowledge of their Zimbabwe national player. In the first quarter, nerves took their toll, with the score ending at 6-1, with our goal from Lighty and the Zimbabwe girl scoring 5 out of their 6.

After a quick break we started again. This time attacking the deep end, our strong side and the Zimbabwean’s week point.  Another two goals were scored by lighty and one by myself saw us head into a 3-1 win of the second quarter. Alex found a cheeky strategy of sticking her knee under the Zimbabwe girls bootey to make it look like she was standing up…. Naughty and we love it!

Once again we were attacking the shallow end. The third quarter saw LOTS AND LOTS of majors from Lighty, Myself and Alex (I think it was the third quarter?) and Jo managed to score a fantastic shot! Yas saved one of the most amazing penalties in this quarter and then saved another again in the final quarter, TOP GOALIE. Jas after working an 100 hour shift was on fire with defending, and swimming like a little fish. Halley swam so hard that she had to go and vom in the changing room – COMMITTED! As Exeter were once again attacking the deep end this saw them head into the lead again with a 4-1 win this quarter.

Final quarter, we decided to smash it. We entered with a score 11-5 (to Exeter) and finished the match with a score of 12-9! We smashed it gals. With an amazing back shot from Alexandraaaa herself, another power shot from Lighty, a perfectly accurate top corner shot from me 😉 and a beautifully coordinated goal from Shitbadge we pulled the game back!

After an amazing and tough match we had a final score of 9 -12, after such a slow start we pulled it back! I can’t wait till we visit Exeter again and hopefully beat them next time.

So much Polo Love ❤

Keep up the good work!

Gorgeous Goal Scorers:

Lighty – 4

Sofia – 2

Jo – 1

Alex – 1

Shit badge – 1

Naughty Majors:

Sofia – 2

Lighty – 2

Alex – 1

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