Biggest Boys Batter Sheep Sha…South Wales!

By Anton Stephan 11.11.2015


The men’s first’s continued their winning streak against South Wales with a beautiful result of 18-6. We’re not called the biggest boys for nothing. Fuelled by our success in the previous matches, SUWPC’s biggest boys turned up loud and proud ready to face the Welsh!


With our full squad buzzing and reliable Rich returning to the game after his dodgy shoulder, it is safe to say that the opposition quivered at the mere sight of us and with our trusty tactic board at hand it seemed that victory was almost certain.


With sights set high, the starting seven lined up and with the Italian stallion in goal, the match began. As Nosebleed Neil sprinted to victory, the team set up a classic attack and, with less than a minute gone, Charlie bagged the first goal. With another goal from Charlie and a few more from Will, Timye and our very own squatting machine (Perry if there is any doubt); the match looked like it was only going to go one way. Although the Welsh had a few good shots, they were nothing to our Italian Stallion of a keeper. As the quarter finished, Anton bagged another goal with his signature back shot move! However, this beauty of a goal was disallowed (debateable) but with 5 goals to 0, who could deny the inconceivable fitness of our biggest boys.


As the second quarter began, Timye bravely took his position in goal whilst Andrea decided to give the Welsh a taste of some Italian rage! As the game commenced it was clear that the biggest boys were getting complacent conceiving 3 goals in the next few minutes. However, with BK and Anton taking their rightful place on the scoreboard along with another cheeky little shot from Divall, it became clear who was in charge. With several man downs and a few failed bounces from our former captain, the biggest boys finished the quarter with a score of 8-3.


After a well deserved rest and an international bollocking from our captain about “not covering back” (super keen *cough* *cough*), Andrea retook his rightful place in the net as the second half commenced. With only 1 goal conceived in the third quarter it appeared that our defence was back on form and with goals from Anton and Charlie plus a penalty from Richard; yes … Richard; our domineering streak continued – no success from the famous stag as of yet.


With a commanding lead as the biggest boys entered the final stage of the game, every man on the pitch wanted to get a taste of the golden glory. As BK took his turn in the firing line, Andrea entered the arena and quickly bagged another goal. With further goals from Charlie and Anton plus a couple more from fresher’s Kevin and Neil, the biggest boys picked the right moment to show their true colours. However, with their one Welsh Wanderer out in the field, our defence wasn’t entirely invincible and even with our magnificent 2-4 drop, the enemy found the net twice. Still, this was of little concern to the mighty SUWPC firsts, as when the final whistle went we celebrated with a result of 18-6.


With undeniable support from girlfriends, second team comrades and our ladies teams alike, the mighty firsts continued their winning streak as they continue to dominate BUCS. Thank you all those who came to support and more match reports coming soon.


Goals Majors
Charlie 4 Andrea 2
Anton 3 Jason 1
Tim 3 Richard 1
Will 2 Kevin 1
Andrea 1
Neil 1
Richard 1
Kevin 1
Perry 1
Ben 1


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