Cardiff ‘Met’ their makers…

Match report by Charlie Roberts.


Wednesday the 18th 12:55, the finest gentlemen of SUWPC set off optimistically, with the aim of reaching Cardiff in 2 hours, for a 3pm swim off. Arriving half an hour late led there being no warm up, and only 7-minute quarters running clock.


Before the match started, Neil’s northern heritage showed as he relieved himself in the shower, asserting our dominance. We emerged from the changing room, bemused by the tiny 3-lane pool, or maybe we were just too big.


The game began with a quick opening (lucky) goal from Cardiff, with Andrea’s commitments focusing more on getting us to drop rather than watch where the ball was heading. This was soon nullified by 2 quick goals from Charlie. Ending the first quarter 2-1.


The second quarter saw The Lobster take motivation from Chris, as he launched the ball at the water for a spectacular… nothing. The ball just stopped dead in the water. Luckily he rectified this and put 2 more in the net for us!


After a quick half time team talk, and Divall convincing us that letting him sit back in defense while the rest swam up for every attack was a good idea (Was someone a bit tired? :S ), we won the swim off and began our rampage, winning the 3rd quarter 6-1 with goals from Charlie, Anton, Perry, Jason and Dennis! They were no match for our ‘100% accuracy’.


Anton ‘bravely’, in his words, volunteered to go in goal, unleashing The Brick Wall! However we quickly realized this was not the best idea as ‘Super Keen’ was Super s**t in goal, and basically gifted the opposition a few goals.


All was well as we left Cardiff having won 13-4, to get back to another 2 and a half hour drive of telling Anton how inferior his degree was to the rest of ours!


The winning streak continues…





  • Charlie – 5
  • Will – 2
  • Jason – 2
  • Dennis – 2
  • Anton – 1
  • Perry – 1




  • Neil – 1

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