A How to Guide on: Educating Exeter

Score 9-6 to us, YEYYYYY!!!!!!!!!


Last Saturday some of SUWPCs finest headed to the Pyramids leisure centre in Exeter for our third Upolo match of the season, and our second against the girls of Exeter Uni. With guest appearances from Liane and VK and Caitlin making her 1st team debut we knew it was going to be a good one.


We set off at midday from Southampton and arrived in Exeter at around 3pm. We found a small car park which Lizzie decided to drive the mini bus around for about 25 minutes whilst being mocked by a seagull. Once parked, we headed up to the pool. After the previous home game against Exeter resulting in a loss for us I decided to introduce a new strategy for both teams before we played, this strategy was the POWER POSE.



After the heated 2nd team game it was time for the 1sts. We jumped in the pool and had a quick warm up followed by a quick team talk in which we all decided to defend HARD in the first quarter. This worked perfectly for us as we manage to end the first quarter with an amazing 1-0 lead thanks to a lovely goal from Alexandra. Every girl pressed so hard, won nearly every foul and I had a wrestling match with their number 3. This was such an improvement for us as we had really struggled with the first quarter in our last couple of games.


After this amazing start we headed into the 2nd quarter with bags of confidence. We were putting everything in place from training and playing the best polo we have ever played. This quarter ended up as a draw, with three fabulous goals from Jo, Lizzie and VK and three goals from their only goal scorer of the whole match – The Zimbabwe Player (number 3), no shock there!


Heading into the second half we were still 1 goal up on Exeter. Yas managed to play outfield as the fabulous Lianne had returned and we knew that we could win this! Once again pressing hard we managed to pocket three more beautiful goals including a Signature Back shot from Alex, another beauty from Lizzie and of course another from VK. The score was 5-7 then Exeter scored. BUT HOLD ON THE WHISTLE HAD ALREADY BLOWN!!! We ended the third quarter with a 2 goal lead.


The final quarter started, and I decided to go and get myself wrapped (Ooops). Luckily the biggest girls could handle themselves even without subs. Alex managed to score a further two goals which Exeter could not beat. The final score ended 9-6.


It was an amazing game for the 1st team girls and was our first win of the season. Every single person played textbook polo, basically, WE SMASHED IT! I would love to have seen the score if they didn’t have their Zimbabwe girl playing, would they have even scored? Who knows?


Massive thankyou to VK and Liane for helping us out, it was so fab to play with you both again! And a HUGE well done and congratulations to Caitlin.

Man of the Match




Alex – 4

Vicky – 2

Lizzie – 2

Jo – 1




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