A swift Exit(er)

Last Saturday, both Ladies’ teams and the Men’s 1sts travelled down to Exeter for a fun filled afternoon of polo. This was the first official away game for the Ladies 2nd team, and many were impressed by the mini bus, stating that the last time they had been on one was for a school field trip! With much excitement and lots of food we set off on the rather long journey. It was actually a lovely day, and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery scattered with various farm animals. We arrived in Exeter with almost an hour to spare. However, a small parking disaster (I won’t name the driver for confidentiality reasons) cost us almost half an hour. The problem was solved after Saf offered to move her car to let the mini bus into her spot. With half the bus sticking out into the parking lot, we made our way into one of England’s ugliest swimming pools.

As soon as Exeter spotted their threatening opposition, they approached us and asked if they could once again put a 1st team player in goal, the (in)famous Zimbabwe girl! However, we learnt from our mistakes when they came to play us and Saf stated her authority and clearly said no. Fueled by this confidence, she convinced the team of her new power-pose: stand tall with open arms and you will be more self-assured and powerful. No doubt, all the girls looked bigger and scarier than ever.

The first quarter showed how much the girls had improved (or was it indeed the power pose…?), they defended in a much more aggressive manner, and weren’t scared to show the Exeter girls what they were made of! This meant that Exeter only managed to put one goal past them. Alex impressed everyone with some insane goalie skills, and the quarter ended 1-0 to Exeter.

The second quarter was definitely the best of the match. The girls were like a wall of steel, and Exeter didn’t manage to score a single goal! Clara, on the other hand, managed to find the back of the net, such that the score was now 1-1, leading to high tension in the pool. Unfortunately, this left Exeter feeling scared, and their response was to kick Lily and Linda in the chest, some very dirty playing. That didn’t put them off; after a short break to catch their breath both bravely got back in the game!

After some more amazing defense and swims, the third quarter ended in 2-1 to Exeter, with a beautiful 1st-game 1st-goal by Emily! The score was now 3-2 to Exeter, and the girls were fully determined to bring home a tie, or even a win. Considering the last match ended 8-1 to Exeter, we knew that no matter the outcome, we could be so proud!

Unfortunately in the last quarter, Exeter managed to get in another 3 goals. They had significantly more subs than us, and as our girls weren’t kicking them in the chest they had a clear advantage. Nevertheless, Esther decided that she wouldn’t go down without a fight, and scored a glorious goal! The game ended 6-3 to Exeter, an immense improvement to the last game.

No doubt with more training and power-poses the next game will be even better, well done girls!







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