First Team’s First Match produces our 6 First Goals

Report by: Alex Ainscow (Ladies 1st Capt.)
Game: Southampton Ladies’s 1st vs. Exeter (25/10/17)

The girls are back for the season and with 10 old girls and fresher Esme in goal, we were ready to take on Exeter, especially knowing we might actually be able to score some goals this year against them as they had lost/sacked/abandoned their star goalie – great for us!

The first quarter was fairly bleak but that’s just our thing (NB: Plan to change our “thing” to winning currently underway). With some helpful tips from an observant and knowledgeable pres, we hit the second quarter much better with a snazzy goal from Emily and a textbook Penalty from Alex to remind Exeter we know what we’re doing we’re just a little slow off the mark. Exeter scored 15 or something in the first half does anyone actually care nah.

The third quarter saw more goals from the Alices! Although often looking frantic Alice Gordon often finds the back of the net and Alice Davis managed to score a goal, not get any majors AND won ALL the swim offs!!!! By about this point Mary had been wrapped for being a vicious animal, the club will pay for your anger management classes Mary xo.

The final quarter saw Hana and Lauren (on her first team debut!) scoring a goal each, and the entire play becoming much better with some great defence from Kirsten, Ellen fighting away newly placed in pit and Dana sneaking up and down those wings beautifully. Esme played a stormer of a first game in goal, learning a hell of a lot in one game and improving through every quarter! Exeter scored some other goals and the final score was 6 – whatever

Major Queen: Mary (sort your shit out)

Player of the Match: Emily for being a SOLID defender and some great steals

Shout out to Exeter for playing a nice clean game though thanks gals if you ever read this.

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