Sorry not Surrey Pt 2

Report Author: Jasmine Brown

Game: Southampton Women vs Surrey Women 

Location: Jubilee Sports Centre, Southampton 

Score: 12-5

Date: 02/02/2022          

The SUWPC ladies arrived at the pool for a home match against Surrey, but this wasn’t any match – it was the first cup match. With a previous win of 13-6 away at Surrey, would the ladies #sorrynotsurrey them again? It was the 2nd of the 2nd month, 2022, a special date for a special game. 

After the usual conversations of how tired we all were and how we hoped the cold pool would wake us up, we got changed and dived into the pool for the warm up. Surrey gave us pool space this time, so no complaining to their coach was needed. After some lengths and a circle ball drill that was cut short by the ref, the captains were gathered and the match began. 

Within seconds of the first quarter, Surrey scored, but a minute later their lead was cut short by a fantastic goal by captain Katie. Surrey fouled, giving rise to a goal by Char. This was followed by another goal by Katie and then a goal by Abbie. The excitement was too much for the scoreboard, which stopped working, so the old fashioned flip scoreboard and stopwatch was quickly set up. Meanwhile, Lucia accidently leaned over a player so received a foul, but Soton kept the ball in our favour which led to a very last minute (1 second to go) goal by Katie. The first quarter ended 5-1 to Southampton, with goals from Abbie (1), Char (1) and Katie (3).

Quarter two began with 2 and a half minutes of play with no goals or fouls, until newbie Jasmine received a major (put her hand on a girl’s shoulder when reaching for the ball). After shouts from the Soton team to keep your legs out of the water when sitting out from a major, a thankful Jasmine swam back to the pack with her newfound knowledge. Regardless of the major, Katie scored again. Seconds later, Surrey received the ball, legging it down the pool and scored. Natalia than received her first foul and so did Charlotte. The second quarter ended 6-2.

Despite only a single goal in quarter two, the third quarter brought about 4 new Soton goals. Within 40 seconds Abbie scores, making the score 7-2. Surrey’s captain then majored, leading to a successful ‘man up’ where Abbie scores again! Two goals in 2 minutes by Abbie. Just under three minutes passes with no goals or fouls, the ball going back and forth across the pool. Despite the fatigue, Natalia scores. Char then fouls and so does a Surrey player seconds after. In the last 40 seconds, Katie scores, ending quarter 3 with a score of 10-2 to the white hats.

The fourth quarter started off slow with no significant events for the first 3 and a half minutes. Surrey scored, followed by a foul from Natalia and Katie. Surrey then scored again, but their streak ended quickly with a fantastic long-distance goal from Anastasia, with cheers from Soton filling the room. Surrey then fouled, but a lull of over 2 minutes meant that everyone thought 11-4 would be the final sore. In the last 9 seconds, Surrey scored but a foul from Surrey’s captain (her 3rd!!) meant she was out and there was a penalty to us. With the time as 0:00, this was the last play of the game. A brilliant penalty goal from Katie meant the score ended 12-5. A cup match win. Exeter are next, but the match is at home for Soton. Watch out Exeter, top of the league Southampton is coming for you!

A photo was taken in the pool before heading to stags to celebrate.

Man of the match

Katie for scoring 6 goals and not being sent off for 3 majors like Surrey’s captain was. And for her constant scoring at the last second (or when there are technically no seconds left). 

Dick of the day

The scoreboard for having a breakdown (can’t blame it, it was only Wednesday after all). 

Names- goals/majors

Antonia Neild- 0/0

Milly Bird- 0/0

Abbie Turner- 3/0

Char Davis- 1/1

Georgia Skelton – 0/0

Esme Poole- 0/0

Katie Magill- 6/1

Jasmine Brown – 0/1

Lucia Ciardo- 0/1

Natalia Tsouka- 1/2

Anastasia Kolesnikova- 1/0

Meg Harvey- 0/0

Charlotte Ratledge- 0/1

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