Ladies’ 1st vs Exeter Uni 22/10/2011

Following the Men’s match, the Southampton Ladies took on Exeter University Ladies.

Southampton looked to be the underdogs with Exeter’s added advantage of 3 extra subs in their line-up.

The game started well, with Southampton taking the lead with the 1st two goals of the match. However, the more rested Exeter team kept pace, with the scores remaining within one goal difference to Southampton throughout almost the entire match.

Both teams pressed hard into attack, with Southampton holding their ground. Acting as the eighth man in the pool, the Southampton Men chanted from the stands, pushing the ladies on. With the final Southampton goal disallowed, the score ended at 5 – 4 to Southampton.

Even with a reduced number of players this week, Southampton Ladies held onto their first win of the season, showing fantastic potential for the rest of the year!


3 – Melody Qiu
1 – Caz Tripp
1 – Alessandra Rodari

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