Men’s 1st vs Southampton City 26/10/2011

Our Men’s 1st team’s home game this week was a friendly against the City of Southampton. This annual game works as an indicator of the team’s fitness and training, and as a measure of potential for the rest of the year.

Since we have not been training for very long together, the result of the match was a disappointing 4-9 defeat. The opposition managed to score many counter-attacks by stealing the ball and blocked many of the passes and shots made by our players during attacks. Thus, we were only able to score one goal per quarter.

The support of the water polo ladies, the second team and friends was noted during the game and we would like to thank you for it! I am sure this game has served as a wake-up call for all of us and it should be mentioned that it was definitely not a great display of how waterpolo should be played, as it ended up being far to violent and aggressive.


3 – Panagiotis Logothetis
1 – Josh Rowland

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