Ladies’ 1st vs Plymouth Uni 1st 16/11/2011

With the last match of the group stages upon us, Southampton Ladies took on Plymouth Ladies.

The goals got underway quickly, with Southampton scoring within the first 15 seconds. Southampton were quick to counter attack throughout the game, with the score at the end of the first quarter 5 – 0.

Both teams defended hard, however Southampton’s more experienced player gave them the advantage and with Plymouth yet to score, half way ended at 8-0

Southampton maintained a comfortable lead, communicating well, with Melody Qui and Sophie Copson setting up a number of goals. Despite Southampton’s intimidating lead, Plymouth kept up a hard press into attack throughout the 3rd and 4th quarters.

With Plymouth scoring the last goal of the match the score line finished at 18-2

Good effort by all the girls and some fantastic support!!


6 – Caz Tripp
5 – Chrissie Darby
2 – Polly Thomas
1 – Melody Qui
1 – Alessandria Rodari
1 – Vicky Gall
1 – Sarah Shephard

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