Men’s 1st vs Southampton City 22/11/2011

One of the most serious and tough games for the Hampshire league took place on Wednesday in the Town Quay pool of the Southampton City team.

The first quarter was levelled between both sides as both teams managed to score two goals each. Our team managed to put the ball effectively in the pit and consequently the pit man scored two beautiful goals. This way leading to a 2-2 tie at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter was a complete destruction for our team. Our team showed many signs of weakness, in attacking the shallow end and defending the deep end. Players getting expelled and losing the ball in the attack sadly was a common sight during this quarter. The end of the quarter found our team losing by 7-2.

The third quarter was more giving to us, as the team achieved to score three goals and receive only two. The team managed this by playing well organised attacks as well as defences. At the end of the quarter the score was 9-5 for City.

The fourth quarter, which found again our team attacking in the shallow end, had no goals scored by our team and two goals being received. The score board had the final score on it and it was unfortunately 11-5 against us.

It has to be noted that the number of major fouls/penalties our team succumbed to was 11, compared to 4 major fouls by City’s behalf. Also 7 out of the 11 goals received were received either by penalty or on a man down. Our low number of goals scored, as well as the great number of goals received, was mainly due to the lack of confidence in shooting by many players and the disability to mark stronger players tactically instead of physically, respectively.

Training has already been adjusted in order to improve shooting, increase confidence and make man marking more effective.


2- Will Logothetis
2- Josh Rowland
1- Will Divall

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