Men’s 1st SUWP Finals 03/12/2011

On Saturday both our women’s and men’s teams had a full day of games for the SUWP finals. In total each team played three games. The men’s team competed against the three university finalists, trying to win the SUWP Trophy.

The first game for our men’s team was against Loughborough, a team who can play very strongly in both attack and defence. The greatest problem for our team was defending; the opposition scored far too many goals with numerous breaks (counter-attacks). Also, as often happens with good teams, we didn’t manage to score many goals, as good defending and a lack of confidence/shots led to few goal scoring opportunities. The final score of the game was 13-2 to Loughborough. Scorers of the game were Duncan Jenkins and Will Logothetis with 1 goal each.

The second game was against Cardiff and was similar to the game against Loughborough: many breaks through our defence and a low number of shooting chances on the attack. The goal scorers, with 1 goal each for this game were Michael Stephanou, Josh Rowland and Panos Logothetis. The score at the end of the game found us losing 9-3.

The third game was the most positive and fulfilling. In this game the tables turned, we were the team that was breaking and defending effectively. Our team easily scored 14 goals and only conceeded 2. The goals scorers of the game were Tom Redman (4), Will Logothetis (3), Duncan Jenkins (2), Panos Logothetis (2), Josh Rowland (1), Alex Hewitt (1) and Nick Tankov (1).

Two good points for our team are that 1) we managed to easily win all the swim offs and although the results give a negative sensation, 2) our boys are 3rd out of nearly all the uni’s from the South!

Scorers for all three games:

4-Tom Redman
4-Will Logothetis
3-Panos Logothetis
2-Duncan Jenkins
2-Josh Rowland
1-Michael Stephanou
1-Alex Hewitt
1-Nick Tankov

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