Ladies’ 1st vs Bristol 29/11/2011

Southampton Ladies travelled up to Bristol, in the hope of qualifying for the final SUWP trophy round.

Bristol has been well known this season for having well organised tactics and this has reflected in their match performance. With this knowledge Southampton stayed alert and vigilant to Bristol’s tactics, picking up their style of play and adapting well.
Bristol maintained a narrow lead throughout most of the game.

However through the last two quarters Bristol started to become anxious of the narrow score line, marking the pit hard and dropping player back off the arc to prevent drives. With the development of this,  Southampton chose a new tactic – no longer relaying so heavily on the pit man to produce goals and instead shooting from around the arc.

Despite playing some good quality and entertaining polo the score line ended 11:7 to Bristol.

Well done to all those that played, a fantastic and enjoyable game!

{Image: Flickr/Flying Cloud}

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