Ladies’ 1st vs Exeter 27/11/2011

With the new UPOLO year kicking off, the tournament saw Southampton take on Exeter at home. Southampton were as keen as ever to improve on the previous win, with a more convincing score line.

Throughout the first 3/4s, the match seemed to play out fairly evenly. Despite being the stronger team Southampton’s eagerness to win was rushing game play and the mistakes made unfortunately led to conceded goals.

However with the score line at 10:10 at the start of the final quarter, Southampton managed to calm down and ease into a comfortable play, seeing an additional 4 goals to Exeter’s 0, leaving the score line at 14:10.

A massive clap on the back for first time match players Hollie Cousins, Eloise Henderson, and Sam Cross, who as per usual put in a smashing 100% effort. Very pleased!

P.S. well done for scoring a goal in front of your Rents Sarah Shephard.


6 – Jo Davis
3 – Vicky Gall
1 – Caz Tripp
1 – Melody Qiu
1 – Talia Sherrard
1 – Sarah Shephard

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