Men’s 1st vs Bournemouth 27/01/2013

The men’s first team had its first game of the New Year on Sunday against the team of Bournemouth, as part of the Hampshire league. Both sides had a very low number of players (B’mouth – 8, Soton – 9) meaning that the game was setting up to be very exhausting.

In the first quarter of the game our team was attacking the deep end. All our players managed to set up attacks quickly,  with very effective driving from the top; creating spaces in the pit, and arc, for people to score. During this quarter our team scored 5 goals and conceded none. The score at the end of the quarter was 5-0 with the Stags leading. Before the end of the quarter Nick Xenakis, a player that recently joined, managed to get wrapped, leaving our team with only 8 players.

In the second quarter things seemed to take a bad turn for our team. Defences were visibly less effective, with many majors and penalties being given away. This led to 5 goals being conceded and only 3 being scored. Thus, the final score for the first half was 8-5 with our team still leading.

The third and fourth quarter belonged to our men. Being more effective in the deep end we scored 6 goals on the third quarter (when we were attacking on the deep end) and 4 on the fourth. Our team was dominating all aspects of the game; leaving no space for the opposition to score any goals. Two players from the opposition started being gradually charged with exclusions that led to them being excluded permanently from the game. So for the last few minutes of the game we had a constant man up. The score at the end of the game was 18-5, another relatively easy win for Southampton.

With BUCS approaching (09/02/2013) confident wins are a good indication for our team’s abilities and consistency. A big thank you to everyone for coming to watch the game and, of course, to Amy and Spring for refereeing it. Hopefully, great results for all the club’s teams will follow.

6 – Panos Logothetis
4 – Will Logothetis
2 – Will Divall
2 – Nick Xenakis
2 – Josh Rowland
1 – Michael Stephanou
1 – Tim Walton

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