Man Down

Report Author: Alex Wilmshurst Game: Exeter 2s vs SUWPC Men’s 1s Location: Plymouth Life Centre Score: 10-15 Date: 1/3/2020   There had been a lot of talk leading up to this fixture. Previous fixtures against Exeter 2s this year have had some turbulence. Our scheduled away fixture in October ended up with SUWPC conceding a walk-over after what will be described as an admin oversight. … Continue reading Man Down

The Circus

Report Author: Alex Wilmshurst Game: Southampton Men’s 1s vs Exeter Men’s 2s Score: 15-7   A long-awaited fixture loomed over SUWPCs biggest boys on the evening of the 8th of December. After some mismanagement of dates, the provisional away fixture against Exeter 2s in October ended in a walkover against SUWPC. Despite our pleas and begging, Exeter were not willing to re-arrange the match, resulting … Continue reading The Circus