Back For More-tsmouth

Report Author: Howard Teng Game: Southampton Men vs Portsmouth Location: Portsmouth Mountbatten Centre Score: 21-5 Date: 09/03/2023 On the day after Southampton experienced one of its snow outbursts, the boys faced off against Pompey’s Men’s team late at night. For a cold evening, the atmosphere ahead of the game was filled with energy. Following the loss to Basingstoke the week before, which included an overall … Continue reading Back For More-tsmouth


Report Author: Dan Ammon Game: Southampton Men vs Basingstoke Location: Basingstoke Aquadrome Score: 8-15 Date: 28/02/23 On the eve of the 1st of March, Soton’s biggest boys made a trek to Basingstoke to face their Hampshire league team. Arriving half an hour early, El Capitan had more than enough time to deliver an inspiring speech and game plan to the lads before we got into the pool. After warming up … Continue reading Basing-Stoked

Royal Flush

Report Author: Matt Smith Game: Southampton Men vs Queen Mary (Barts) Location: Poplar Baths (Away) Score: 7-4 Date: 23/2/23 On a cold Thursday afternoon, the team embarked on the trek up to London for the game against Queen Mary’s College London (Barts). Despite missing some key players, the atmosphere was good with a sense of quiet confidence after the previous meeting ended in an 11-3 … Continue reading Royal Flush

Soton Outsmarts Barts

Report Author: Til Jordan Game: Southampton Men vs Queen Marys (Barts) Location: Jubilee Sports Centre Score: 11-3 Date: 15/2/23 Team photo by Janek Codlin – SUPS. With the SUWPC boys being second in their league, it was clear from the outset that Soton was a force to be reckoned with. The game started with a flurry of action, as Michael won the swim-off with ease. … Continue reading Soton Outsmarts Barts

Es-Six Men that can Swim

Report Author: Ed Wilkes Game: Southampton Men vs Essex Location: Jubilee Sports Centre Score: 16-5 Date: 8/2/23 Southampton’s biggest boys went into this one confident. We’d had an enjoyable time the last time we played Essex with a 23-4 win, followed by a particularly good Windos – shame about their pool giving 2 of our men skin infections (including yours truly). This confidence was buoyed by their Instagram story asking … Continue reading Es-Six Men that can Swim