Ladies’ 2nd vs Weymouth 17/02/2013

The second team ladies had their first match against Weymouth ladies last Sunday, and considering that they had never played a real match together before, they played their socks off! Even though Southampton lost 14-3, experience was gained and everyone seemed to have a blast! No one got wrapped which is a plus, and both sides were given a couple of penalties.

The game started off with Katie L winning the swim-off; unfortunately, the greater experience of the other side showed through, with them being a few goals up after the first quarter. With no goalie in our team, Beth D did a great job stepping up to the plate, saving some pretty hard shots.

We came back fighting in the second quarter, scoring our first goal, which gave us some confidence in the pool against a tough team. Liane B played in goal for the rest of the match and made some brilliant reactive saves!

The third quarter saw 2 more goals and arc practice came through from training. The girls played well and I would love to congratulate them all for their determination and first match play! Thanks to all the support the club gave us, with special thanks to the refs and table.

Well done girls, keep it up!

2 – Sophie Greenwell
1 – Amy Ennion

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