Men’s 1st vs Weymouth&Portland 17/02/2013

For our men’s 1st team, Hampshire league continued with a home game against Weymouth/Portland. Usually, games against the Weymouth team are quite physical and majors usually stack up on both sides. At the end of the game our Stags had 12 majors while the opposition had collected 13 majors; with Nick Xenakis managing to get 3 majors (wrapped up) for a second time, although he has only played two games. The reason for him getting wrapped up was that he got out of the pool from the wrong location.

The game started fairly evenly between the teams; unfortunately, the opposition managed to score a long shot, behind half way, giving them a 1-2 lead at the end of the 1st quarter.

In the 2nd quarter our goalie (Ben Kingsley-Smith) was substituted with Robin Liquorice. This was Robin’s debut with the first team. Ben tried to play spite of his illness but decided to sub as his performance was not anywhere near average.

From the 2nd quarter onwards our team utilised the pit sensationally and managed to score 4 goals in each quarter; with nice passing into the pit, man ups and long shots. Although the Weymouth/Portland team was constantly shouting and complaining at the referees, our team played quietly during the game and never complaint to the referees. The score at the end of the 2nd quarter was 5-4 with our team leading, and at the end of the 3rd quarter the lead was extended to 9-7.

The 4th quarter continued with the same pace and our team scored 4 goals while it only conceded 2. It is worth pointing out that 2 seconds before the game finished, one of our old boys (Nick Tankov) jumped into the pool to celebrate an early win; thus giving away a penalty which was easily transformed into a goal. The final score was 14-9 for our team; one more win added to our club’s long collection.
Last night’s support was fantastic and certainly helped our team to perform better. Special thanks to Tom Redman, Kate Setchell, Andrew Deans and the rest of the people that helped with conducting the game.

4 – Will Divall
4 – Panos Logothetis
3 – Nick Xenakis
1 – Connor Hogg
1 – Will Logothetis
1 – Josh Rowland

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