Men’s 2nds vs Cardiff 06/03/2013

This was the 3rd uPolo match of the year for the Men’s 2nd team, and after losing the first two the team were desperate to get some points for the league table. Cardiff are a strong team and easily beat Soton 12-3 (I think) when we played them away, but after two wins in a week and with good home support I was sure this would be a closer match.

Attacking the deep end in the first period we took our time setting up and swam back hard in defence when we lost the ball. We managed to score one opportunistic goal after being first to the ball after a shot from distance. Cardiff got one back of their own after our defence left a man free. However, we quickly retook the lead with a good shot from a tight angle by Olly. The quarter ended 2-1 to us.

The second quarter was tight with several attempts by both teams not really coming to much. We struggled to deal with the opposition’s strength whilst defending the deep end of the pool, which led to us conceding a goal. With their very good, but quite short goalie we were trying to shoot high in the goal where she couldn’t reach, unfortunately our shooting was a bit erratic and we were unable to score until towards the end on the quarter, leaving the half time score 3-2.

We started the second half well with some good possession and taking fouls to move up the pool. We scored 2 goals from good moves that were finished nicely. Several more shots hit the woodwork or were saved by the keeper. In defence, we were starting to give away several fouls and majors which allowed Cardiff to get one back.

Going into the final period with a 5-3 lead meant our 3rd victory of the week was in sight. Cardiff gave us a helping hand in this quarter by giving away a penalty, which was converted. With time running out Cardiff got desperate and managed to pull that goal back. With less than a minute on the clock we put the game out of reach with a shot that somehow went in. The game ended 7-4 and finished off a great week for the 2nd team. Thanks for the poolside support and people on the table.

2 – Andrew Deans
2 – Mitchell Clarke
2 – Olly Cripps
1 – Paul Hereema

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