Gloucestershire’s Gallant Effort – Round 2

Report by: Peter Gallagher (Media Sec.) Game: Southampton vs. Gloucestershire (26/11/17) Hot off last weekend’s away win at Gloucestershire, SUWPC’s finest 12 were ready to come out on top once again. With 5 more players including Kiwi Sam and the great traveller Brian Cully back from his most recent expedition, we were looking strong. Luckily, their team had suffered some losses including their number 14 that we know … Continue reading Gloucestershire’s Gallant Effort – Round 2

2nds (aka. Southampton’s 1.5 team) vs. Gloucester

Report by: Alice Gordon (Ladies Second Team Captain). Game: Southampton 2nds vs Gloucester 1sts (26/11/ 17). Slight anticipation for the girls as they stepped up to see the same faces who had beat them a week earlier.  However, a glimmer of hope arrived when first team players Alice D, Lauren R and Hana E announced they had their kit and were eager to play! Alice … Continue reading 2nds (aka. Southampton’s 1.5 team) vs. Gloucester

Debut Match for the Ladies’ 2nds shows them what polo is all about.

Beginning the afternoon with a cold start on redbrick (2 degrees according to someone’s phone) we piled into the bus in the safe hands of the ‘parents’ of the trip Alex and her ever present bitch Harrington (who had actually come to coach us despite never playing a game of water polo in his life). We arrived at Gloucestershire Uni but that wasn’t where we … Continue reading Debut Match for the Ladies’ 2nds shows them what polo is all about.

A Welsh Walkover

Report by: Peter Gallagher (Media Sec) Game: Southampton Men’s 1st vs. USW (25/10/17) Fresh off Wednesday’s win at home, SUWPC’s finest were eager to get another win and brought more than a full team, whereas USW only mustered only 8 players. So, it was always going to be a long game for them. The first goal of the game happened in the blink of an eye from Brian Culley, with … Continue reading A Welsh Walkover

An Exet-ellent performance

Report by: Anton Stephan (SUWPC veteran) – spelt “Stephan” for whoever did the team sheet … Game: Southampton Men’s 1st vs. Exeter Men’s 1st (22/10/17) Having lost our first match of the season the previous week, the biggest of the biggest boys were ready to make mincemeat of our opposition. With newly recruited Kiwi Sam Ward making his debut at Southampton and with returning players Christos, Phil C and Chris … Continue reading An Exet-ellent performance