Men’s 2nds vs Soton City – 05/11/13

Just to put on record the epic defeat suffered by the Men’s Second team at the hands of Southampton City Men’s “2nd team”.

With a 23 goal head start the 8 gentlemen who made the trip along with Coach Robin thought that surely holding the ball for 40 minutes would be enough to prevent that number going past Jedi Piers.

However, with a Greek captain and an army of battle hardened subs, we were in for a bit of a surprise.

As only our second match of the season our aim was simply to hold the ball for as long as possible… the match started relatively well, with some good passing.

None of the polo fresh buckled under intense pressure, which was good to see. But with the new rules in play, taking a foul was very difficult, and we were frequently turned over, which frequently lead to a goal.

It was not as bad as the score line suggests but at 33-23 (yes we scored none) it’s safe to say we were not burning through the pool on fireworks night.

Good to see how the game should be played though!

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