Men’s 2nds vs UWE 06/11/2013

The first U-Polo match of the season for the Men’s seconds was a home game against UWE.

After a bit of disorganisation from the captain, too many seconds turned up; apologies to Mitch and Remko who graciously sat on the bench and cheered us on.

The first quarter started with 5 goals from UWE, putting them well into the driving seat. Having not really recovered from the night before (a beating from Soton City) this was a bit of a setback.

In the second quarter, our team was much stronger and pulled back 2 goals to their 3. At this point, it appears the captain lied in his half-time pep talk, as I convinced the team we’d just won that quarter and could now pull this back.

Some good polo followed, but we were outpaced too often on the counter attacks by their champion swimmers, and only Heerema (with an outstanding back shot) and Drew managed to put any more shots past them.

Unfortunately, with the final score at 17-4, it appears Jedi Piers has lost contact with the force and is now 50 goals down over 2 games… More work needed, but we have got a good pool of talent and lots of enthusiasm to end our losing streak.

1 – Malcolm
1 – Olly
1 – Heerema
1 – Drew

1 – Heerema
1 – Alish
1 – Horlock

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