Ladies’ 2nds vs UWE 06/11/13

Last Wednesday saw a very excited Southampton Ladies’ 2nd team get ready to play their first match this year, and for the majority of girls, their first ever game of waterpolo. It is fair to say they put on an incredible show, with some impressive play considering the lack of experience!

The first quarter was a tough one, the girls were adjusting to playing against a team who they didn’t know and who played a more physical game than we do in training matches. UWE broke off us, with their powerful swimmers achieving a 0-4 score at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter we really got into the swing of things, winning the quarter 3-1, with fantastic goals from Rachel, Rianna and Hollie! We were buzzing at the half time as we seemed to be making a comeback!

Sadly in the last half they pulled away once again, with their fitness levels showing us up. The final score was 4-11 but by no means should the Southampton girls be disappointed. For such a new team it was a terrific display, there was no hesitation at getting stuck in and some really great skills came out.

A special mention to Ellie who managed to win all bar one of the swim offs, and Lena who for her first time in goal showed great potential making some tremendous saves.

1 – Rianna Briggs
1 – Hollie Cousins
1 – Rachel Halley
1 – Sofia Hardiker

1 – Ellie Cawthera

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