Men’s 2nds vs Portsmouth B – 28/11/2013

9 of the club’s finest gentlemen made the trip to Pompey for the 6th match of
the season (and my 4th match of the week, #gobig). Many thanks to Pres for
stepping up and driving half the team there.

After the disappointment of the 1st‘s City game the night before, I was keen to
get the team pumped for the Portsmouth match. After a bit of chest slapping
(sorry Malcolm), and a speech that ended with me running out of words and just
showing pure anger, I felt we were ready. Our aim as always was to control the

The first quarter was the most even of the game, however, with the first goal
going to Southampton and our strong press damaging their team spirits, it was
soon to become a one way event. Lawrence once again stepped up as goalie and
proved almost unpassable, even saving a penalty after getting a major himself.
The first quarter ended 3-1 to Southampton.

We knew with only 9 players the double deep pool would quickly take its toll on
our fitness, but as we maintained our full press tactics, we caught a glimpse
of the desperation we must have shown to other teams in the past. With nowhere
to pass and immediate attack on the player with the ball, Portsmouth would
often loose possession before even taking a shot… ideal.

The second quarter saw another 5 goals from Southampton with many of us taking
our first goal of the season.

The 3rd and 4th quarters brought more of the same and by the end Portsmouth
were applauding our goals as they had none of their own.

Admittedly, Portsmouth were not the strongest team with quite a few kids and
older men, however winning felt good and after much searching on BKS’s Mc D
app, we found the sweet taste of victory at the golden arches. Final score:
Southampton 15 – Portsmouth 1.


4 – Drew Turner
4 – Alex Horlock
2 – Alex Perry
2 – BKS
1 – Remko
1 – Matt
1 – Malcolm


2 – Drew Turner
1 – Lawrence Thompson (Shocking)

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