Ladies’ 1sts BUCS Weekend #1

Having made it in good time in to central London and eventually finding a parking space (thank you Katie!), we were straight in the pool. The first game was against UCL, and what a good start it was.

With the team in a slight state of disrepair, a played in hospital and the majority of us under the whether for one reason or another, we weren’t feeling at our most confident. With the starting swim off won, we were on to a good start. The first quarter went by with our team coming together incredibly well. All the training was paying of with some brilliant teamwork and great defense. At the end of the first quarter the score was 0-1 and we were glad to be in the lead, although aware we were very evenly matched.

The game continued to be close, 1-2 at half time and 2-2 going into the final quarter. In the final quarter we managed to hold our cool, not getting too flustered and a fantastic goal by Rhiannon secured a win of 2-3.

2 – Jo Davies
1 – Rhiannon Smith

1 – Rhiannon Smith
1 – Sam Cross
1 – Jasmine Birkell
1 – Amy Ennion

With a twenty-minute break we launched straight into our final match of the day. Imperial, in their home pool, were up next. Having been able to watch our first game, they were fresh in the pool and were able to use that to their advantage. Some speedy players allowed them to break off us when the ball was turned over, further aided by our reactions not being as swift as they should have been.

The first quarter ended on 2-1 with us lagging, in our tired state. The second quarter was a high scoring one with the half time score left at 5-3. The violent nature of this game took some of us by surprise. By this point one of our players had had a panic attack, the ear of a hat had been ripped off mid-swim and we were starting to loose momentum. Frequent substitution allowed us to recuperate ready for the final quarter. Two final goals allowed us to raise the score from 6-3 to 7-5 at the final whistle blow.

I was incredibly impressed with the play, and the determination some of the girls showed to ensure the scores we got. With a replay next weekend, I am really encouraged we can do this with some little refinements in our play.

2 – Rhiannon Smith
1 – Jo Davies
1 – Vicky Gall
1 – Amy Ennion

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