Ladies 1sts vs Cardiff 16/02/14

I am going to start with an apology for the repetitive nature of my match
reports… We seem to continue improving and bettering our performance each time
we play!

Following a 12-3 defeat when we travelled to Cardiff last term, we were
apprehensive of the match but with the home advantage and extra training since,
we managed to put out a very good display.

The first quarter we kept calm, a contrast to previous matches and took our
time with passing and setting up in space. This allowed us to conserve some
energy to defend their counter attack and stop them breaking off of us. The end
of the quarter only we had scored, making it 3-0. The second quarter we lost
focus a little shooting into the deep end. Jo scored a couple of great goals
and Cardiff responded with one.

Following half time, we managed to stay cool, calm and collected with subs
rolling in and out. Four separate goal scorers managed to score in this
quarter, with some great work around the arc and drives into space. The final
quarter it would appear some of our brains stopped functioning… Rhiannon was
wrapped for misconduct (hopping out the pool without following the subbing
procedure) followed by a jump in from Kate. The result was a penalty to Cardiff
which they successfully scored but we managed a couple more goals maintaining
our lead.

At the end of this match, Amy is joint top goal scorer in Upolo and we are
close on Cardiff’s tails for top of the league. One point goal difference is
separating us from securing this some exciting matches coming up girls, WE CAN

A new addition of Player’s Player this week has been given jointly to Jo Davies
and Vicky Gall.

Jo Davies – 5
Vicky Gall – 4
Amy Ennion – 1
Rhiannon Smith – 1

Rhiannon Smith – Wrapped
Sam Cross – 2
Abi Mudge – 1
Jo Davies – 1
Kate Setchell – 1

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