‘A defence sloppier than a Manzils curry’… Porstmouth 14 – Southampton Uni 13

Southampton Uni- 13-14 -Portsmouth

A narrow defeat against Portsmouth Mens. After our loss against ‘The Sharks’ earlier in the week we were looking to bounce back with a victory that we deserved, unfortunately it wasn’t to be!

Only 9 of the biggest boys made the match, hangovers and all. Which may have been the reason for the terrible start, where we quickly let in easy goals to be down 6-1. However we started playing well, moving the ball quickly through the pool to come back to near level with Portsmouth. Glanville took his time to work out how to score a goal with the attitude of ‘if you don’t at first succeed try, try and try again’, and after his 50th shot, finally the goals started flowing. Unfortunately not just for the Southampton boys, as defence sloppier than a Manzils curry allowed Portsmouth to steal the lead in the dying stages of the match. Special mention goes to Drew aka ‘droppy’ for stepping up to the mark and playing in both the 1st and 2nd team games #biggestboy! And also to Andrea who had a hand in most of our goals!

Overall we didn’t deserve to lose and we have aspects we need to improve on in training,  get ready to do the double over Bath on Wednesday and Sunday! The most disappointing part of the day was the severe lack of attendance at the post match McDonalds, I want to see vast improvements next week!

Top Goal Scorers

Will- 3

Charlie, Andrea, Glanville- 2 or maybe 3

Anton, Mitch – 1

Major Kings

Mitch- 2

Anton, Andrea- 1

Dick of the Day– Richard Glanville

Man of the match– Andrea Ricci


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