An Attack Hotter than Tariq’s Vindaloo!

SUWPC 2nds 8 5 Portsmouth 2nds

After having some tricky fixtures against some tough opposition today was a chance to improve our physical presence in the pool. We started well with Matt kicking off the match with a lovely shot off the arc before a penalty was won for pressing their keeper. However two lapses in concentration meant they matched our goals with two breaks of their own.

The 2nd quarter started with the team concentrating on not conceding cheap goals, we struggled in attack with some good defence from Portsmouth. I scored one after their keeper kindly passed it to me for the free throw, although I should have seen Conal free on 2m. Perry’s squats seems to have paid off (5x100kg I heard), getting high out the water to ping a powerful shot from the arc to finish the quarter.

The game was obviously not going to plan for Portsmouth at 4-2 down so they decided to bring on their 1st team players one of which scored 3 in this quarter alone. This was enough for Robin, he and his beard jumping in the pool to shore up our defence. In attack we finally took advantage, playing the infamous cod attack to score a quick goal. Again, Portsmouth players were allowed to sneak through our defence unmarked and if it wasn’t for Lawrence, or their poor shooting we could have gone into the final quarter behind.

We went into the final quarter determined to win with Perry and Robin getting three goals between them playing off both the arc and the pit. With a three goal lead we closed the game down, passing well and preventing the counter attack. This was a great game with the chance to blood some new players in their first competitive game for the club.

Man of the match: Matt Lappin
– BK 1
-Drew 1
-Remko 1

-Perry 3
-BK 3
-Matt 1
-Rodger 1

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