Sharks In the Pool… Men’s 1sts get bitten.

Southampton Uni- 6-10 -Southampton City (sharks)


After winning our first game of the season we entered this fiercely competitive fixture, against our Southampton rivals, ‘the city scum’. Being the first game of the Hampshire league we looked to start with a win, but came up short against an 8-man City team, who were much more clinical throughout the game. They found our weaknesses and exploited to great effect. However I can’t fault the effort put in by the boys as always! However with weak attendance at training and an obvious lack of swimming fitness we set ourselves up for the defeat!

The match however, was in the end down to a matter of small margins, with Robin pulling some outstanding saves throughout the match only to have a few goals scrambled in luckily by City players. We had numerous shots off the wood work and well worked man ups that missed the clinical finishing we have come to expect from the Soton lads! Charlie had another outstanding performance getting on the score sheet thrice, even if he is a thorough bred ‘city scumbag’!

Overall the team is moving in the right direction and we can move onto the next game against Pompey on Sunday with our heads held high ready for some domination, against our ex-Greek team mate, the one and only ‘Napa’!

Top Goal Scorers

Charlie- 3

Jason, Stark, Akbar – 1

Major Kings

Andrea, Anton, Mitch- 2

Divall, Connor, Stark, Jason, Tim & Akbar- 1

Dick of the Day– too many dicks to choose from

Man of the match– Charlie Roberts

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