Ladies Seconds vs Exeter … “Beautiful new Skills”

_____Southampton Ladies Seconds 5 – Exeter Ladies Seconds – 9_____

This was the ladies 2nd team’s second match of the season. With an extra two weeks of practice from our first game we were ready to show Exeter our beautiful new skills. As our visitors were running slightly late we had a lovely long warm up and once the Trevors whistles blew for the first quarter we were pumped to get going.

Exeter got a lead on the scoring, managing 3 goals in the first quarter. After no goals in the first quarter we realised it would be another tough match ahead. Our performance improved in the second quarter as we had an even 2-2 score, with Liane scoring. We were tiring Exeter out and benefitting. Some would say we were ’as swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon’ (Mulan, 1998). Shit badge (Charlotte) and Allison each had fantastic shots and scored in the third quarter, which intensified the atmosphere. The third quarter was a close 3-2 to Exeter. Last quarter we had another even score with Exeter 1-1, with Alex breaking away and scoring.

Final score was 9-5 to Exeter. Impressive play all round and fantastic enthusiasm, I look forward to the next one. Gloucester will be quivering in their boots once they finally face us!


Liane Brodie-2

Alison Bushrod-1

Alex Ainscow-1

Charlotte Wilson-1


Catherine O’Mahony-2

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