Ahhh…. A Nice Easy Bath for Southampton 1sts

____Southampton 14 – Bath 6_____

The 4th match of the season saw our esteemed captain give way to the almighty Catcus as he left on what can only be described a schweffing holiday. Not only did this give Connor a chance to shake his tail feathers in an attempt to impress the team ready for the fight for next years captaincy, but it also left the quill without a master for writing the beloved match reports…

The first quarter started with Glanville taking the swim off. The ball in our possesion the enemy soon got a taste of the freshers firepower, with Jason and Bence each hammering one home and Charlie throwing in another couple for good measure, we were off to a good start. Bath countered with a couple of their own but it’s safe to say they soon realised they were in water a little hotter than their mummies usually run for them.

The second quarter saw the boys defending the deep end and this time Robin kept a clean sheet. Jason and Charlie pushed forwards to put another 3 goals past the Bath defence. It is worth noting that by now the Majors must have been totting up as every Soton player bar Robin, Andrea and Bence received at least one. Apparently Perry told Pirry (one of the Bath players he was marking) how much he could squat (for 5 reps) and it’s safe to say that this, along with the scoreline, gave us the mental edge at the half time talk.

The Cactus’ speech was far from dry and the players soaked up their best quarter yet in the 3rd with goals from Andrea and Mitch. Charlie batted away another hatrick (what a machine!) which was commented on by our president in the post match Stags interview.

He’s just so efficient, he uses his energy so well to move when he needs to

(Pres went on to add he’s hoping to get an autograph at the xmas meal so fingers crossed for that!)

Soton actually lost the final quarter but no-one really cares because we won the war. Sophia added some more wise words in the Stags:

It’s all about having a fit mind…. P.s COME ON TOUR!!”

So think hard about winning and get swimming people!!

More Polo reports to come soon, follow us on twitter and share any ideas for the club on facebook.


Jason: 3

Andrea: 1

Charlie: 7

Bence: 1

Rich: 1

Pres: 1

Majors: Loads!!

Dick of the Day: Divall for schweffing.

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