Men’s 1st Vs Bath away (23/11/2014)… “GO BIG OR GO BIGGER”

_____Southampton 11-5 Bath_____

_____Southampton 3-5 Bath_____

An utter Bath-ostrophy at Millfield School!

In a bizarrely organised set of fixtures we were to play Bath mens away in a BUCs fixture to instantly play the return fixture with all of about 5 minutes rest! As a famous Greek Malaka once said ‘Go Big or Go Bigger’ we tried to ‘Go Bigger’, but however only succeeded in ‘Going Big’ and then very quickly home.

Only 10 of the Biggest Boys could make the fixtures for various other commitments, such as national league, severed tendons, tutor meetings and general social occasions deemed more important. Nevertheless we still had a strong team, having our ranks filled with Alex ‘Biggest Squatter’ Perry and Andrea released from girlfriend duties. The Bath boys however, turned up with a squad of 16 with rotation of fresh players between the two matches.

After sussing out the vastness of the pitch and our lack of fitness we tried our best to conserve our energy throughout the first match. Which seemed to go according to plan with the first quarter ending 3-2 to us, with double penalty delight from Divall and the first of many from Jason. The second quarter saw us expand our lead 6-3 and the Soton boys were cruising, Jason added a couple to his tally while the Prickly Cactus finally managed to get on the score sheet! The last two quarters continued in a similar fashion with Jason scoring left right and centre to see off any chance of a comeback from Bath, the game ending 11-5 to the good! With Jason scoring 7 there was no stopping us, so we thought………………

With confidence possibly too high and more energy expended than originally thought, it soon became apparent that we had a game on our hands, as the Bath boys with a vast squad were able to have fresh players swimming us up and down the pool! The threat of Jason was somewhat nullified with Bath moving towards a drop defence, he however still managed to find the net twice. After a frustrating match with the Cactus finding himself dismissed from the action early on in the game, unfortunately this was only the beginning of our demise as we became more tired and our decision making quickly let us down, as we lacked the sting in our attack that we have come to expect from ‘The Biggest Boys’. The game ending 5-3 to Bath, I can speak for the team that we are all thoroughly disappointed with the result, but I can’t fault the effort put in by the 10, and we know not everyone can make every game, but the lack of players was the basis of our downfall.

Throughout both games it became apparent that we struggled with man-ups and counter attacking which we can work on in training, but this requires the numbers and commitment of players to make the sessions! As the last game before Christmas it is disappointing to end 2014 with a loss, but we will come back bigger and stronger in 2015, get down to the pool, keep fit and go easy on the turkey boys!

Special mention goes to the massive support from Anton, who came along for the day even after suffering a war wound from his culinary attempts.

Man of the Match– Jason Attwood went so big it could be classified as GINORMOUS!

Dick of the Day– Tim McMahon (for being a hung-over mess and some rather interesting pit passes)

Goal Scorers

9- Attwood

4- Divall

1- Cactus

Major Kings


2- Divall

1- Glanville & Mitch

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