Ladies 2nd’s draw against Exeter… we looked fly though ;)

Southampton 2nd Vs Exeter

On Saturday the 23rd January the ladies 2nd team had their first match of the year and first away match. The journey to Exeter, the team who previously beat us 9-5 on our home soil, was a long one.

We arrived nice and early to mentally prepare and dress in our new kit. We were looking fly and well-co-ordinated (see picture). Ellie did not undergo the journey and cannot be seen looking fly before the match, but she made it in time for warm up (and can be seen celebrating after the match with Dave).

After the usual warm-up, nail check and coin flick the first quarter began. Exeter got a good lead on us with two early goals. We shortly twigged on who their strong players were and toughened up our defence. This allowed us to catch up with them. We had four first quarter goals by Liane Brodie, Alex Ainscow, Jasmine Birket and Joana Kollert. Exeter got another goal in, and the first quarter ended with us leading by one.

In the second quarter at one point we were ahead 6-3 with Liane Brodie and Alex Ainscow scoring. However, Exeter fought back with a fourth goal ending the second quarter with a 6-4 lead. In the third quarter, no goals from either side were scored.

The last quarter was nail biting! We were neck and neck right towards the end. In the last minute we were up 7-6 thanks to a lovely goal by Joana. During the last quarter tension rose as Alex got her third major and wrapped. In that last minute, Exeter was a determined bunch, pushed hard on their attack and scored, ending the game as a draw: 7-7.

Our beautiful performance in this close game and improvement from our match against Exeter at the beginning of the semester has proved that although the past can hurt, you can either run from it or learn from it- we learnt. (Rafiki, The Lion King- Classic Disney quote).

Dick of the Day (and night)- Alex Ainscows had a great performance both in the goals she scored and majors she received. With her aggression in the pool and verbal aggression after a few doubles I have learnt its best not to get on the wrong side of Alex.


Liane Brodie -2

Alex Ainscow- 2

Joanna Kollert-2

Jasmin Birkett- 1


Liane Brodie- 1

Alex Ainscow- 3

Jasmin Birkett- 1

Charlotte Wilson (aka Shit Badge)- 1

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