Mens 1sts vs Exeter 24th Jan 2015

___Southampton Uni 7 – Exeter Uni 8___

With the January transfer window open, Divall in his new managerial role searched the waterpolo player database and came across some talent, and after some hard bargaining managed to get a Greek thorough bred and some British talent back from his loan spell at swimming. With the lack of ‘malakas’, rage, egos and baldness, maybe this is what we needed to boost the team to continue in their winning ways.

panos                    walton

However, bringing in the new talent wasn’t enough for the Soton lads, with key players AWOL or suffering with long term injuries. We lacked the clinical textbook finishing we have come to expect from ‘the biggest boys’. As always I can’t fault the effort put in by the ten that made the long journey down to Exeter. As the first bus trip it became apparent we had some seriously fresh boys, who didn’t quite get the hack of the traffic light game thinking that all personal belonging were needed. However, the fresh soon got the idea and Anton became quite the expert!

After quickly assessing the opposition we picked out the strongest players to keep them out the game, however it took us a while to get a hang of him after he had scored a number of goals. With some rather interesting decisions that questioned the referee’s knowledge of the rules, we paid the price of hitting the woodwork too many times. And the opposition’s keeper pulling out some top saves to stop our chances of a comeback! However, with Andrea pulling us within a goal in the last minute it looked like our dreams were to come true, however it was not to be. And after a quick re-fuel at the chippy the booze bus rolled on home to Southampton. Spreading our mark down the M27 and side of the bus.

Man of the Match– Tim Walton

Dick of the Day- Charlie Roberts for braving frost bite

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