Southampton Men’s 1st- BUCs Tournament Take 2

Southampton do the triple for the second time running!

With our team almost back to full strength confidence was high leaving in the formally named ‘Booze Bus’, however on our way the booze bus became the Venga Bus (for those too young to get this reference ) with ‘DJ Lick-Ur-Rice’ on the decks (bad decision). As we pumped Taylor Swift’s greatest hits down the M3, which was only stopped when Perry began singing along every word, maybe it’s his work out vibe?! #massivelad

We rocked up to Gloucester ready for some serious polo, with the first game against UWE looking more challenging as Charlie bigged up a new player of theirs, so much I’d be surprised if he didn’t still have a brown nose. With the tactics decided and the lads ready, we kicked off our first game of the day!

Southampton 8-7 UWE (or was it?)

The first quarter wasn’t the greatest from the Soton boys, with Walton finding the net from an obscure angle while Connor picked up two majors. Meaning a quick change of tactics was in order to stop Connor being excluded for good (it didn’t work only delayed the inevitable). As the game progressed it became obvious that Charlie’s bumboy was a rather good polo player and was finding the net at will, however after a small encounter with the prickly cactus, he found himself sitting out for the rest of the game! As the game entered its later stages there was confusion of the score, it was unclear who was winning, and both teams appeared to be misinformed, which meant when Robin was excluded for decent (leaving the goal open) when we were one goal up, UWE decided to time waste rather than find the net, clearly believing they were going to win. There is the potential of a replay, and we will just have to beat them again on ‘fairer terms’.

Special mention goes to Tim McMahon who scored what can only be described as the goal of the season, if you missed it too bad!

Southampton 8-1 & 12-1 Gloucester

It was clear that the Gloucester boys had fallen badly to a bout of being under the thumb as girlfriends across the city were cracking their whips, denying the boys an opportunity to field a larger squad on Valentine’s Day.

However, both games were relatively straight forward for the Southampton boys, even though we only managed to find the net once for every 3 shots taken as their keeper was saving just about everything/ the posts seemed to be larger than normal………

With this the tournament was done and another successful weekend for Southampton, the booze bus somewhat faltered as ’24hr Asda’ was closed, while BKS & I were mine-swept in Maccy’s car park, failing to maintain the rule of ‘never leave a beverage unattended’.

Man of the Tournament- Tim Walton

Dick of the Day- Charlie Roberts (for too much physics chat)

Goal Scorers

  • Walton-7
  • Divall-5
  • Charlie-5
  • Andrea-3
  • Lefty-3
  • BKS-2
  • Mitch-1
  • Perry-1
  • Akbar-1

Major Kings

  • Cactus-3
  • Andrea-3
  • Charlie-2
  • Walton-2
  • Akbar-2
  • Perry-1
  • Mitch-1
  • Robin-1

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