The Cods get battered…

Southampton Uni 1sts 12-8 Southampton City (Cods)

We faced our local rivals the city boys, who have become accustomed to giving us a good pasting over the last two years. And maybe it was lack of organisation or too much confidence, but the city boys went big, only turning up with 6 players. And this tactic seemed to work for them as we finished the first quarter three a piece, with great goals from Attwood and Divall, after many a missed man up opportunity (RIP ‘The Stag’). But as we attacked the deep end and the city boys tired we asserted our dominance on the game, edging ahead to 6-5. City realised they had bitten off more than they could chew and finally called for reinforcements to make a full team of 7. God knows why we weren’t winning by more really!

But this tactic seemed to work against them as we felt much more comfortable with 7 players in the water and goals were flying in from all directions in the 2nd half. All in all a great performance from everyone, working well together resulting in a relatively comfortable victory for the Uni boys! With Robin injured both Andrea ‘the brick wall’ Ricci and BKS ‘the brick’ played exceptionally well in goal, showing their polo keeper roots, who’d of thought BKS even had reactions and could move at any pace other than very, very, very slow!

We are looking really promising this year and really starting to click together as a team, and I can’t see why we can’t beat any team on our day #GoBigOrGoBigger.

News must have got out on how much of a ‘big deal’ SUWPC are, who knows when the paparazzi will turn up next!

Man of the Match- Andrea Ricci (not only can he score them, but he can stop them too)

Goal Scorers


Divall & Glanville- 2

The Hogg & Italian Stallion- 1

Charlie- 1 (even after, and I quote ‘O I didn’t score today for once’ #whatadick)

Major Kings


Hogg, Stark, Perry & BKS-1

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