Cardiff Dragons Hotter at Home

Wednesday 25th saw 9 of the biggest girls making our second journey into Wales in four days, for our 4th match of our tiring 5-match week.

Catherine made her debut for the first team, filling in for the missing Liane. The game started quickly and brutally, with four goals against us in the first three minutes. We were able to answer with two of our own- one from Sofia and one from Amy after gaining an exclusion, but unfortunately conceded another before the quarter ended.

We regrouped, talked through our tactics and pinpointed the numbers of their most dangerous players, but unfortunately it didn’t allow us to gain any ground. The second quarter passed in the same way, and although we managed to get an exclusion, we couldn’t convert in and ended the half on 8-2.

We swapped Catherine for Saf in goal, now starting to concentrate on minimising our goal difference. However, our lack of subs (especially after we were reduced to 8 due to injury), started to drain our energy and we simply could not keep up with their 13 players.

Sofia and Catherine were both fantastic in goal, and each made some brilliant saves.

Thanks again to BKS for not only providing us with his chauffer services, but also music for the entire 6 hours of driving AND refereeing the match when it transpired that Cardiff only had one “referee” for the match.

Man of the match goes to Alex, for some very calm and helpful control of the game: finding space, making brilliant passes up the pool, and collecting two of our four goals (including yet another beautiful backshot from pit).


Alex 2

Sofia 1

Amy 1


Sofia 1

Katie O 1

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