Killer Katie’s Pummel Plymouth

After our defeat at Cardiff, the girls (with a hugely augmented team, thank you for everyone for making the effort to come to the home match!) were understandably nervous for our home match against Marjons not even 6 hours later.

Quickly however we realised we had the upper hand, as a won swim off by Katie O was converted straight into a goal within the first 20 seconds. This set the tone for the remainder of the match: our defence was superb, and numerous tackles from Ellie, Rosie, Shitbadge, Rianna and Jazz in defence were taken advantage of; as the lightning fast team of the Katies made short work of the Marjons defence.

Although we did not have the opportunity to set up many arcs in this match (most of our goals were scored off counter-attacks) we did show a number of fantastic set ups in our man ups and man downs- I’m incredibly pleased with how quickly the team has picked up these plays. Our defence is also getting better and better each match, and everyone’s strength in defending and tackling the ball is increasing exponentially.

The game ended 18-5 to us, which takes us comfortably through to the next round of BUCS. Let’s keep training, keep improving, and get ourselves through to the finals!!

Man of the match;

By team vote goes to Katie O, for her numerous swims and goals, and tireless effort up and down the pool.

Captains vote to Ellie, as I feel that she showed a huge improvement in defence and tackling today, congratulations to both of you!


4 Katie L, Katie O

3 Amy

2 Ellie

1 Rianna, Shitbadge, Alex, Jazz, Sofia


1 Amy, Katie L, Jazz, Katie O

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