Southampton Ladies Seconds UPOLO Finals

Southampton’s Biggest Girls and Boys were up bright and early (8:30) to embark on the journey to Cardiff. A lucky few got a lie in until 10am because of our musically talented shit badge’s recital.

Under the impression that the opposition were all going to 1st team players rather than 2nd team we tactically changed things up for the starting 7. Southampton ladies top goal scorer Amy was down to start on pitch and the Exeter girls were not too pleased and complained. The U-polo officials abided to the complaints and ‘at least to start with’ Amy wasn’t allowed in pitch.

This led us to our warm up and the first match…

1st Match: Leeds 12-0 Southampton

The Leeds ladies had some strength behind them and had the commonly used grabbing tactic. Once they had hold of you it was difficult to get out of their grip, or even swim anywhere. Although we fought there firm grips they tired us down and we had a less than successful game, losing 12-0.

Between our first game and our second we had a long break to re-fuel and have a play with our mascot, Colin. For those that don’t know Colin was an inflatable Clown Fish who became very energetic with a bit of helium and batteries. And even fewer of you would have heard of the late Collins tragic death this week, who was filled with a bit too much helium for his delicate skin to withstand (Horlock was distraught). He had a short but happy life, enjoying his time with SUWPC, floating around the Cardiff pool and forming special friendships with TJ and those who appreciated his presence on the bus home. Rest in Peace, Colin.


(Figure 1: Colin and Dave <3)

Back to the polo… Which may or may not be an accurate account of the scoring.

2nd Match: Aston Bears 6-3/4 Southampton

After the initial match, u-polo officials changed their mind about the strict no top goal scorers in pitch and allowed Amy to shine. Which was just as well as Aston Bears also had two of u-polo’s top goal scorers (2nd team my bum hole). We have it on record that TJ ‘SCORED A BACKSHOT’, ‘DUNNO’ which game, let’s say it was in this game. TJ’s powerful shot and inability to do push- ups will always impress me. Amy was on her efficient scoring form. Unfortunately, the bears were a grizzly bunch and we couldn’t quite defeat them.

Biggest girl scorers:



We utilised our break for a good photo op, the best way to prepare for our final match…

3rd Match: Southampton 5-3 Exeter

Exeter, our main rivals. They are in the same league as us and so far our record was one loss and one draw against them. The match was close, and after the first quarter saw them in the lead (3-2, I think). But in our second quarter we played beautifully. Lighty was on fire and communication between her and mudge was on key to see a lovely goal. Our most valued player; Joanna perfected a far goal into the left corner and Shit Badge got a good lob in.

Biggest girl scorers:

Lighty -3


Shit badge- 1

To summarise: great day with the biggest, old and current, girls and boys of SUWPC. Thank you for great polo and support from all… R.I.P. Colin.

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